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Duracell—The age-old story of Yin and Yang

There’s a positive and negative side to everything, including Duracell batteries. The iconic copper and black colours of the battery are indicative of its cathode (positive side) and anode (negative side).

Duracell decided to amplify this colour-coded theme through a series of advertisements that showcased the positives and negatives of the longevity of Duracell batteries.

Each advertisement told a positive and negative story using just the two colours. They were designed in the same proportions as the actual battery with the positive and negative symbols placed exactly in the same position as they are on the batteries. The art direction was clean and simple and because Duracell’s battery design is so well known, there was no need to use the logo at all!

The four advertisements depicted a musical monkey, a karaoke mic, a remote control and an alarm clock. Here the positive parts like the music, power off button and the snooze button were highlighted in copper, while the less entertaining parts were highlighted in black.

This series served as the third rendition of an already popular campaign and was well-received by the audiences. It also received all the attention and popularity it deserved.

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