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How Rin maximised the power of print to encourage citizens to save water, one bucket at a time!

It’s no secret that India is facing an acute water crisis. While urban cities may not be severely affected, people in rural parts of the nation are walking miles to fetch water on a daily basis, oftentimes only to be met with dry wells. Rin, having taken a step towards alleviating this crisis with their Smart Foam technology, aimed to raise awareness about the water scarcity faced by millions of Indians with a compelling print advertisement. The idea was to create a stark image of an almost dry well plunging into the ground that would depict a regular bucket, something most Indians use to do their laundry. However, with the well running dry, it would only go to show how it is unable to quench the thirst of the hundreds gathered around it.

This vision was brought to life for Rin by capturing wells with an almost negligible level of water along with the daily struggle of the people living in the nearby areas. They used a crane to shoot a gripping image of the well with villagers surrounding it from a height of 40 feet. The buzz-worthy advertisement was provocative and served its purpose of raising awareness.

Source: Cannes - The Work

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