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Chandni Ghosh

Print VS digital—what reigns supreme today?

Digital media may have grown by leaps and bounds but that’s not to say that print has lost complete control. Even today, advertisers prefer the print medium to market their products. While advertisers consider print a huge channel to reach their consumers, readers, too, see print as the ultimate source of information. Find out more below as we uncover the print vs digital battle…

Print media thrives on credibility

For years now, readers view print as one of the most trusted sources of information. Anything that’s a part of print goes through a stringent process where facts are re-evaluated and sources are checked. Consumers often find print information far more believable than its digital counterparts.

Digital media is a ground for fake news

It’s tough to find the accurate source of information when it’s on digital media. Most consumers, by now, are well aware of the fact that the internet is a place of misleading advertising. This is why many unethical businesses often find a way with digital media. In fact, studies even suggest that 80% people have never even clicked on a banner ad—perhaps due to the fear of where it will lead them to or the fact that they don’t trust the ad.

Print is attention grabbing

Print readers do not multitask—they pay attention to one thing at a time. So there’s a bigger chance of an ad connecting with the readers or potential consumers than over digital. Not only does it grab the reader’s attention but the fact that it has a physical connect with the readers also ensures that he/she remembers the brand or the ad for a longer period of time.

Too many distractions on digital

When you consume information online, you have multiple tabs open—you’re replying to mails, reading more material and are probably, scrolling through Instagram. The digital space is too intrusive and therefore, gives the potential consumer or reader little scope for engagement.

Print media is reliable

Publications don’t allow just about any advertiser to come on board to advertise with them. Instead, they follow strict rules of print advertising. So when you find an ad in a print medium, it immediately gains the trust of the consumer. Therefore, when it comes to brand recognition, print reigns supreme.

Unreliability is a huge downside to digital

Any small or fraudulent business can advertise over digital. Digital media does not follow rigorous guidelines when it comes to advertising or giving out information.

Print media stimulates the senses

Print media is a tangible medium—when you read a magazine or newspaper, you’re able to feel the paper or even remember which page you saw a striking ad or a piece of information on. This helps consumers absorb information better.

Too much clutter in the digital space

With digital media, you just scroll through news or ads. Even if something struck a chord with you, chances are that you’d quickly move to something and forget about it because of the volume of information.

Print media directly targets its consumers

With print media, an advertiser is able to choose a publication that its target is likely to consume information on. Hence, for an advertiser, print is far better when it comes to reaching out to its consumers.

Digital ads don’t reach its consumers

An ad is lost in the digital space because the medium has multiple advertisements at the same time. So there’s little chance of an ad reaching its consumers in this cluttered space.

While digital seems to be the order of the day, with the points above it won’t be wrong to say that print will always be the most trusted and reliable source of advertising and information.

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