print media works

Print works

The numbers speak for themselves

(INR billion)
(FY19 - 24)
Advertising 73.8 74.7 75.5 76.5 77.6 76.5 1.4%
Circulation 33.9 33.4 33.1 32.8 32.5 32.1 -1.0%
107.7 108.2 108.6 109.2 110.1 111.3 0.7%
Advertising 71.6 75.9 80.4 85.3 90.4 97.2 6.3%
Circulation 41.5 43.6 45.7 48.0 50.4 53.0 5.0%
113.1 119.4 126.2 133.3 140.8 150.1 5.8%
Advertising 75.8 80.1 84.7 89.3 94.0 99.6 5.6%
Circulation 36.6 38.6 40.6 42.8 45.1 47.5 5.3%
112.5 118.7 125.3 132.1 139.1 147.1 5.5%
Grand Total 333.2 346.3 360.1 374.6 390.0 408.5 4.2%
Source: KPMG M&E Report 2019*
Overall growth by 2% English growth by 25%
Source: IRS 2019 Q3
Print works better in conjunction with digital because of the morning effect.

Launching a campaign on TV during primetime does not compare with the impact or effect of a consumer seeing the ad in the morning newspaper with the full day ahead to discover more, talk to family, friends and colleagues about the brand/product. This ensures that the ad works harder, resulting in higher recall and interest.

The printed word is credible and builds trust for brands through association.

In this day of ad avoidance and doubt about digital delivery, it is newspaper brands that provide the credibility and trust that brands seek in platforms they use to reach premium audiences. In a world riddled with fake news today, more and more consumers are turning to newspapers to confirm their news. Only if its printed on paper can it be trusted. Brands are leveraging the credibility of the medium to instill trust in their products.

Print offers immense innovation opportunities to advertisers like no other medium.

It is the only medium that can cater to all five senses. The Times Group has been at the forefront of print innovation, leading the way for the industry.

1 out of every 2 English readers in India reads BCCL publications relevance of print ads Source: IRS 2019 Q3 (Main + Variant), Average Issue Readership

Accessibility - The distribution ecosystem. The newspaper gets delivered at home EVERYDAY in India, unlike in the West.

Education - Growth in literacy and education have created substantial headroom for growth of newspapers.

India’s Economic growth - It is believed that the growth of newspapers in India is directly related to urbanization leading to higher aspirations, heightened interest in buying assets etc.

Pricing - Newspapers are the cheapest source of news.

Customized & localized - Sections and pullouts cater to various segments of readers together with localized content.

Reading is a strong morning habit.

The day begins with print. Therefore, what better way for brands to launch a new product or promotion, make a splash about a new variant or packaging, create interest in the brand’s proposition through high impact and then leave the rest of the day for the consumer to discover further?

Print gives a brand instant awareness and impact.

The recall to a print ad is much higher than most other mediums. The reason being that other mediums are highly fragmented and there is no guarantee that the viewer has seen an ad. Premium audiences that our publications serve are notoriously active ad-avoiders across TV and digital, and we see that cord cutting in premium households is increasingly common now. The newspaper offers guaranteed visibility and therefore higher recall, which results in better ROI for the advertiser.

Our Readers

Urban Reach (Lac)

Source: IRS 2019 Q3 (Main + Variant), Average Issue Readership

Working status of Print vs Internet readers

  • Print Penetration
  • Internet Penetration
Source: IRS 2019 Q3 L1M reach

Education of Print vs Internet readers

  • Print Penetration
  • Internet Penetration
Source: IRS 2019 Q3 L1M reach

Who is using Print in India

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